Behind The Brush

Growing up my parents were very creative. My mom painted/crafted any and everything & my dad was always inventing some new tool to use in his job as Owner/Operator of our family Well Service business. Throughout my life I have always been inspired to express myself through art & it is obvious who inspired me – my amazing parents! Painting furniture didn’t come into my life until around 2009, my husband and I had just wed in 2008 & in May of 2009 my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. I don’t remember exactly how it came about but my parents decided to have my 2 oldest nieces a bed built and then my dad & mom started the matching armoire. I had painted the bed & was beginning to paint the armoire when in the midst of completing it in December of 2010 my dad passed away. It wasn’t until the next summer that I completed the piece, I needed some time to get back into the groove following his death. Once I completed the armoire, I did odds and ends and have always continued to craft until I really picked up the pace in 2013, when I was asked to donate items to our local Relay for Life & that’s where it all fell into place! We ended up raising $1,400 for that years auction and it was such a good feeling to know I had used something God gave me to give to others.

Right before my dad’s diagnosis in 2009, I began working part time at the church we attended regularly. I knew whole heartedly that God placed me there & that I was carrying out his will in my time there. I went full time in October of 2012 but due to a Kidney Disease diagnosis I went back to part time in October of 2013 to focus on learning to cook healthy in my attempts to slow the progression of my kidney disease. I tell you all of this to say that throughout the years, God was preparing me for what I believe is my purpose in life, God’s vision for my life, my Chazown. I had began a bible study in January of 2015 called “Chazown”. A very sweet lady in our church led this on Wednesday Nights & I attended it. Going into the study I felt like I was doing everything God was asking of me, I was working in the church, raising my two girls while being a wife to my husband and doing the occasional craft to satisfy my passion. As the study began my whole world was rocked – everything I thought I was doing was just okay because in all honesty, I still had most of the control, not God. I learned in the study that I need to be living my life according to God, 100% no matter how “impossible” it sounded. Here is where Painting Proverbs comes into play. I have always dreamed of owning my own shop – in fact – that’s what I was doing the week we found out my dad had a tumor & shortly after found out we were expecting our first child – we were looking at a building in downtown Wichita Falls. Life happened so to speak and I knew I wanted to someday, I just knew it sounded impossible with small children & a part time job. Through “Chazown”, God revealed to me to take that step, He did all the hard work, I just had to trust Him. And that’s what I’m doing, trusting in Him whole heartedly and putting Him first in my business like He already is in my life and my family. I also took a Spiritual Gifts Analysis & He made it very clear to me with Artisan/Craftsmanship at the very top. So there we have it, Painting Proverbs, it began with a passion & is carried out through my God given ability to combine the art of painting with beautiful unique pieces of furniture.

Inspiration is all around us & I hope that you will find something on here that inspires you while we paint proverbs for all the world to see!

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